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Variable Data Printing Explained

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Variable Data Printing Explained

Variable Data Printing or Variable Data Processing, two slightly different ways of referring to the same process.

It’s a bit of a technical term — but it’s essentially a service that can merge a database file of your customer’s information with an actual print run.

Now a days, we all want to speak one-on-one with someone if we can.
Variable Data Processing – permits you to do this large quantities. We can print a person or client’s name and information on each individual piece or brochure in your print run. That makes your communication, one-on-one with the other peson.
It’s a wonderful way for you to get your message across in a very, very straight-forward way. Directly to the person you’re speaking to.

And recently, technology has made it possible for us to bring the cost of doing this down to a point where it fits almost everyone’s pocketbook.

With a track record of up to a 50% increase in open-rates, it dramatically increases your return on direct mail. At Accel we recommend people use Variable Data Processing whenever they’re going to do a presentation to a large group with hardcopy.


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