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In our 35+ years, Ann and I have worked on so many projects we’ve lost count. During that time, some have really wowed us with their creativity and marketing success, and others…. not so much. At Accel Printing, we love what we do — we love helping you produce strong printed pieces and successful marketing collateral.

We know it’s not always possible, but it’s a great idea to talk to your printer before you actually start the artwork. If you explain your goals and/or creative intent to us at the very beginning, we’re more than happy to make recommendations and suggestions. You’re not only benefitting from our expertise, you’re benefitting from the expertise of all the talented people we’ve worked with. Below are a few tips and ideas that we hope will both inspire you and teach you. Come back often, we’ll keep adding ’em!

If you need a little extra help with something in particular, give us a call at 914-241-3369, or ask your question online. We may just put the answers in our next video.

Drilling Holes & Other Bindery Services

Posted on August 1st, by lyonsdigital in Tips and Inspiration. No Comments
Most publishing jobs require one or more finishing steps otherwise known as bindery services - the final steps in a publishing project. In the world of printing, there's a myriad of these services available. Learn a little more about the finishing services we can provide....

Preparing Bleeds

Posted on August 1st, by lyonsdigital in Tips and Inspiration. No Comments
No, this isn't a form of torture or surgical term, it's actually a printing term that can greatly impact your final product. What you need to know about preparing bleeds.....

Build a Better Form

Posted on August 1st, by lyonsdigital in Tips and Inspiration. No Comments
Let's face it, no one likes filling out forms, yet they can be a critical part of your marketing strategy - addressing customer acquisition and retention. Don't let your form be an exit door for your client, learn the basic principles of good form design.

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