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Localize Your Collateral

Localize Your Collateral


• Engage Locally
• Maintain Brand
• Ensure Consistency
• Speed-to-Market
• Reduce Inventory Costs

We Can Be Your Marketing Support

With the current advances in technology and targeted marketing, it’s increasingly important to engage and acquire customers on a local level. For organizations with large swaths of territory (chains, agents, dealers, franchisees, and resellers), this is a logistical nightmare. The addition of targeted messaging is often compromised or dismissed entirely due to time constraints, or inexperience – leading to weaker sales or missed opportunities.

With Accel Printing’s Localized Marketing Support you can now deploy marketing campaigns that address specific geographic, and demographic considerations – while still maintaining overall brand identity and campaign intent.

“You focus on your messaging, we’ll focus on getting it updated, printed, packaged, and distributed.”

We’ll work directly with your national or regional marketers, making the necessary edits to all or individual files. Once approved, our team will print, package, and distribute your marketing material (advertising, direct mail, promotional, and in-store merchandising materials) to one or all of your locations — nationally and internationally. Saving you much needed time and money.


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