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Build a Better Form

Posted on August 1st, by lyonsdigital in Tips and Inspiration. No Comments

Build a Better Form

Let’s face it, they’re a double-edged sword. No one likes filling out forms, yet from a marketing and sales perspective, they can be a goldmine of information. These days, if your marketing plan does not include some kind of strategy addressing customer acquisition and retention, it’s incomplete. After years in the business, we can safely say – it’s worth the extra effort it takes to create a well-designed form. If you follow a few basic principles; keep it focused, keep it targeted, and keep it short – your form could become a powerful tool rather than an exit door for your client.

“Are you crazy? A form is a form.”
Sure, we’re crazy, but we’re also being very serious. The information you gather from your forms could potentially be the foundation of your relationship with your client, and ultimately impact your bottom line. At the heart of every relationship is action, reaction, and basic human behaviors. If it’s hard to read, too long, or asks irrelevant or intrusive questions, your client will not finish – they will move on. Treat your forms like short conversations, keep the conversation brand-appropriate, and you might just see an increase in customer acquisition and retention rates down the road.

  • Establish Trust.
    Show your user you’re reputable. A logo and brand continuity (typography, wording, etc) would be good here.
  • Keep it Focused: Understand the ultimate goal of your form.
    What information do you need to get from your potential client? Don’t try to combine more than one goal into your form. This will only increase the length and complexity of your form – and almost beg users to abort mid-stream.
  • Keep it Targeted: Understand the person you’re talking to.
    Don’t ask questions that don’t fit the meaning of your form. Don’t be afraid to include a little personality – as long as it’s in keeping with your brand. Don’t be afraid to include a way for that person to self-select themselves. By that we mean, if your target market is young men, 20-30 yr-old bracket – write your form’s content accordingly. Don’t worry if 25 yr old Sally decides NOT to complete your form – that’s a good thing! She’s NOT your client, and ultimately not a good use of your time.
  • … and for the love of God, Keep it Short
    Short and sweet = success!

As always, we hope this information helps to improve your work and your business!
And, if you have a little downtime, send us some of your form-related tips. We love learning!

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